Rider Tracking

Riders can be tracked by satellite during Cascade 1400 via Spotwalla HERE.
Viewing tips:
*Click a rider’s blue tag to see when their tracking device last pinged a satellite.
*If you want to find a specific rider, click “Cascade 1400” in the upper left corner of the Spotwalla map. A list of rider names will pop up. Scan down to the person you are interested in, and click their name. The map will center on that rider’s blue tag and show you their last pinged location.
*There’s a bit of a lag between SPOT/Garmin and Spotwalla, so don’t be concerned if the timestamps are a little delayed.
*These devices need a clear view of the sky to ping a satellite. The location of the device on the bike, the amount of tree cover, hilly terrain, etc., all affect how often a device makes contact. You may see significant delays especially in the mountains.

Riders will also be checked in to each overnight control by volunteers, who will update a tracking spreadsheet as time permits HERE. There may be a lag when the control is very busy, so please do not be concerned if you see someone at the control but not on the spreadsheet.